Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are your sires and dams OFA certified for hips and hearts?

Answer: Yes, and we will provide documentation from OFA.

Question: How long have you been breeding golden retrievers?

Answer: We have been breeding our goldens since 1997!

Question: Do you have a health guarantee?

Answer: Yes. The guarantee is limited as follows. Our puppy contract requires that you take the puppy to your Vet within 3 business days after receiving the puppy. Your Vet must give the puppy a complete wellness check. If your Vet discovers any problems with the puppy you would be entitled to an entire refund. If our Vet disagrees with your Vet we will not refund the purchase price until the puppy is sold to a new owner. No guarantee exists beyond these dates. You should know that we have sold 90 puppies over the past 13 years and have had zero reports of any serious health problems.

Question: Do you line breed or inbreed?

Answer: We do line breed, but absolutely no inbreeding. Our line of dams under our control goes back 23 years. These dams have produced nothing but healthy, loveing, robust puppies. It is our goal to continue this line of dams as long as possible. To this point in time we have used different sires from different breeders. Always insisting on champion dogs with all certifications and documentation. We are striving to create a whole seperate line on the male side. 

Question: How do I get on the waiting list?

Answer: Just send an email giving your name, phone number or any other important contact information. Advise if you have a preference for a female or male. There is no charge for being on the waiting list. Those on the waiting list receive regular news as to the breeding & whelping dates as well as all important news.

Question: What is the deposit procedure?

Answer: We ask that no one pay a deposit until the puppies are one week old and we are comfortable that the puppy is healthy. Should for any reason we could not provide the puppy, the deposit is refunded in full. You may request a deposit form at any time.

Question: Are both parents on premises?

Answer: The dams live here, and we do not currently have our own sire. All customers are given all information about the sire if he is not our own - name, owner, website, address, and contact information.  We use only champion sires for breeding.

Question: Do you show your goldens?

Answer: No. We just do not have the time that is required to show our dogs.

Question: Will you ship your puppies?

Answer: We choose not to ship our puppies. We feel it is more than enough trauma for the puppy to leave here, travel and adjust to a new home.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.