Customer Comments

Customer Comments

We have met so many wonderful people over the years that enjoy these dogs just as much as we do!

Below are comments from our current puppy owners!  They are edited to remove any personal information. The comments are listed under the owner's given name for the puppy.

A big "Thank You" to all our puppy  owners that keep us informed and compliment our efforts in achieving our mission!


I am going to try to upload some photos of our  beautiful (and very good) puppy.  I think I did it successfully, so here you go! Quincy's vet visit went great - he is totally fine.   Attached is one photo, but I took a bunch of "family" photos this weekend and will send them from my computer tonight.  The amazing thing about Quincy is what an incredible swimmer he is!  On his own, be has learned to jump off the dock and swim to shore to cool off.  His favorite spot is in the shade under the table on the boathouse dock -- I think he will spend many pleasant hours there in his life.  He also went on his first sailing adventure on Lake Anna this weekend - he was a little nervous, but did well.  I'll send the "water" photos tonight.

Thanks so much for everything with the puppy - we absolutely love him and Jackie is on the moon, of course!  He was very, very good all afternoon at the lake (he even ventured into the lake from the shallow beach and tested out his swimming skills, which surprised us).  He was also very quiet in the car and last night in his crate in our room.


Eliz and Mack - Sorry we're a little slow getting back to you, we've been traveling a lot lately.  The new puppy is awesome!  We've named him Duke and he has adjusted very well to his new home.  We've received so many comments from friends and neighbors about his temperament.  They cannot believe how well behaved he is for a puppy.  We tell them it is due to good breeding.  I've attached a few pictures.  We have two pugs and he is fitting in well with them.

Thanks for everything,



Eliz and Mack,

Thanks so much for the pictures!  We have named the puppy "Brody" and I often call him "Brody-Mack".  He got puppy shots yesterday at the vet and once again fell asleep on the exam table. He's gained 3  pounds in one week. Brody loves the outdoors and everything in it has been checked out thoroughly. He and the old Lab are getting along very well and there have been no real problems. They're often asleep in the same bed. We couldn't have asked for a belter pup and just love looking at that face. He steals the show every time we go to the vets. We'll bring him by some time soon.

Puppy is doing great! He's quite the explorer and checks out everything inside and out. So far is favorite spot is in the utility room, beside the dryer. He goes there on his own to take a nap, but won't fit in the limited space too much longer. He seems to like the crate so far but wants you in sight when he's in there and awake.

We're really enjoying our new family member and will keep you informed as his life events take place.

John and Linda 


Thanks a lot.  You brought something that I was missing for to many years.  Now I have the best companion a person can have.

You are doing the best to accomplish the mission. Keep doing the good job you are doing breeding them.  She sleep with me every day and go everywhere with me.  Today she's going to Ft. Belvoir to meet my coworkers.

Thanks for everything.  Take care and keep in touch.  I took her to the vet yesterday and Dr. Pearce said she's very healthy.  She has appt to see the Dr again on my birthday, 25 June.  I told the Dr I got her from a breeder and gave her all the paper you gave me. She said that you're really a good breeder and not all breeders are like you. 

Rocky (Rockford)

Hi - just wanted to let you know how our baby is doing. We settled on Rockford as his name and will call him Rocky. We had an uneventful trip home - he was in the crate the entire time just checking things out. We took him out to explore the yard when we got here and he seemed to feel right at home - I think the deck threw him for a few minutes, but once he got to the grass he was full of energy. He ran around for a long time and played while I got his dinner ready. He ate almost a full cup of the food and then was ready for a brief nap. Bryan has some friends over watching the basketball game so they've all ooh-ed and aah-ed over Rocky and one of my friends came been by to see the baby. He's done all his bathroom business outside in the yard and he's been in and out of the crate several times.

 He's already learned how to go in and out - I left the door opened and he went in by himself and stretched out for a while and then came out to explore the house some. He's conked out inside the crate now sound asleep and seems to be pretty happy with things so far. He is just too adorable for words and I'm so thrilled that he's here. I'll be sleeping downstairs for the next few nights near him just to make sure he's okay thru the night. He's so smart that I'll think he'll have the basics of crate training and house breaking down in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for letting me have one of these guys! Bryan is as excited as I am which is fun to see.  Have a great weekend and I'll let you know what the vet says Monday.

Hi - I  thought I would send another update.  Don't worry - I won't send these often but if I were in your shoes I'd be curious to see how the pups are doing.

We went to the vet yesterday and everything checked out great.  Everyone there just loved him and my vet was crazy about the golden I had before so he was especially excited to see that I had a new one.  He's very impressed with Rocky and how handsome he is.  I asked about the water issue and he said he has not heard of any issues in this area.  He thinks the mineral content might be higher in Northern Va but says we should have no problems here with that.

Rocky continues to amaze and amuse us.  He's learned how to go up and down the deck steps and went for his first walk tonight on a leash.  He's just so smart!  He's getting adventurous and exploring all around the yard and house.  We've had a couple of accidents in the house b/c Bryan doesn't fully understand what "supervision" means (woe be unto him if/when he has kids of his own!), but he's learning.  We'll be starting obedience classes around the end of June (when he's 12 weeks or so) and I fully expect him to be the smartest guy in the class.  I'm sure his siblings are doing equally as well.  He's just a completely delightful dog.  Everyone that has seen him wants one and I've given your website to lots of folks. 

Tell Trevor we said hi and when Rocky gets a little bigger we'll bring him out so you can see how he has turned out.

Stay well and thank you so much for such a wonderful dog.  He's brought joy and laughter to our house which we missed with the loss of our old dog.  Rest assured that he is well loved and well cared for.


Hi Eliz and Mack,

After three weeks, I am convinced that we did not get a pure bred golden retriever!

He is surely the mix as follows:

5% rooster - as we haven't slept past 5:30 since he came to live with us

10% sheep - as he has eliminated the need for lawn mowers - rip, shake and kill that bad grass

10% Tasmanian devil - as he is impossible to catch when running away from mom

10% snapping turtle - as he is always after the kids' feet and ankles

10% weed - as he is growing much faster than any mammal should

10% cat - as he has found that cat food is preferable to dog food

10% mouse - as he has managed to make his bones disappear when he squeezes under the baby gate to get above mentioned cat food

10% human child - as he does not listen when reprimanded for above mentioned mouse, cat,  devil and turtle activities

50% skunk - as he can very quickly clear a room after partaking in above mentioned mouse and cat activities

In short, he is 125% puppy and the delight of everyone he meets!

We haven't taken any new pictures lately.  He is a very handsome boy.  I am sure that his legs have at least doubled in length, as has the rest of him.  At his appt. on Friday, he had grown to 13 lb., 14 oz.  He's already outgrown his first harness.  Since he came home, he has been playing with his chihuahua and miniature yorkie neighbors.  He is now twice as big as the two of them put together!

He loves to go on car rides and is just learning the delight of sticking your face out the dog window.  He is also quite determined to bite the wind!

Walks are a bit different.  He runs for a few yards, finds a shady spot then collapses in a heap of yellow dog.  After much nudging, he might stand up before flopping back into the shade to rip grass.  Often though, he needs to be picked up and carried a few feet so the distraction of the shade and that mean old grass is gone.  Then he will charge full bore again, only to find the next shady spot.  He truly is a lazy dog.

We have loved every minute of him.  Can't say the same fore the cat who is going through food faster than ever before or of the boys with their sore toes and ankles, but Rob and I are deeply in love with him.

It is funny, now that we have owned two goldens.  We see many of Reagan's traits in Mosby.  What we thought were her quirks or idiosyncrasies must be innate golden traits.

We will send pictures soon.


Good Morning!

I apologize as I have had y'all on my list to email, but between regular life and now Colby, busy is just not the word for it! Colby is doing great and the vet seemed very pleased with him. They did not find worms and did not prescribe worming him at this time. They said they would check him again in about 6 weeks for worms. He returns to the vet on the 23rd for his next round of shots. I hope you do not mind, but I did give them y'all's information incase people are looking for goldens.

The girls are loving Colby and he seems to adore them too! Our oldest daughter and Colby have become quite the buddies as she seems to spend the most time with him. Colby and our other golden Clancy are starting to finally interact and play. All in all the family seems happy and we can not remember life without Colby!


Our puppy's name is Bailey.  He has started walking with us on a leash in the neighborhood, and we sure are meeting a LOT of new people!  Everybody has to stop and tell us what a beautiful puppy we have!

Everything is going GREAT!  Can't believe I haven't managed to finish an e-mail to you yet.  I started one the first day to tell you how he went right to sleep the first night without crying but a minute or two (in the crate in our room so he wasn't lonesome, I guess), and then he was so relaxed the next day at the vet that he fell asleep on the exam table!  Never had one do that before!  He was probably exhausted from all the attention he got from the personnel at the vet's, who took his picture (he's certainly used to that!) and then they threatened to kidnap him because he was so cute! So  far he seems like a calm sweet dog, just like we wanted, and he's smart too.  He figured out how to scramble in the dog door without any of us showing him how!  I thought he wasn't big enough to use it yet, so I was real surprised...  But he doesn't like to stay outside any longer than he has to when it is hot, and I was pulling a few weeds, and the next thing I knew, he was inside in the cool and I wasn't! Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, we are really enjoying him, but of course he does act like a puppy sometimes - into everything! Got to keep an eye on him, but he sure is a lot of fun.  He's over there pacing and sniffing in front of the door, so I guess I better go QUICK!

Mary Alice


Hi! Thought you'd like to know how Berkleigh's first day and night went. She cried and barked almost all night last night but otherwise has done well, has taken quite a few naps and has been almost 100 % at housebreaking if we keep up with her. She adores the girls and when she needs a break she goes in her little room and a lays down. Thanks again, she's a beauty! Will keep you updated!

Yo Adrian

Dr. Bauer checked Yo-Adrian Monday morning and pronounced her to be PERFECT: perfectly healthy, perfectly beautiful and perfectly sweet!! (And probably going to be perfectly spoiled - at least when it comes to having constant attention and lots of loving!) She took the stool sample with her and said no news is good news, so the fact that I haven't heard anything from her indicates she is worm free. She's on her Heartguard for puppies and doing very well with her potty training. Because she has a little bit of a problem with slightly loose stools (after all we changed from your water system to ours, then yours again and now ours again!) Dr. Kathy advised us to put just a little fat free plain yogurt on her dry food.  The Little Prima Donna now thinks she is getting gourmet dog food - and she's okay with that!

She and Rocky are fast becoming best friends. She is fascinated with him and makes a bee-line for him in the morning.  Rocky has been amazingly patient with her and has tolerated her taking toys right out of his mouth, pulling his ruff, his ears, and his tail. The only time he grumbled was when she pulled the feathers on the backs of his hind legs and behind his ears, and she listened! When they go outside, she follows him all over the yard and if she moves too near the fence, he puts himself in front of it as if he's afraid she'll get out. Once she figured out that his herding pattern is simply a form of "chase me, catch me" in which he just runs ahead of her and blocks her path, she realized she could run as fast as she can and then do a fast turn and keep going. She gets faster every day, and it's been wonderful to see them play in the early morning and late evening. (It's been too hot to let them play much in the middle of the day.) It's been wonderful for him, because it's been too hot to take him on the long walks he used to need for exercise, and it gives him a job - something Border Collies really need. When she gets tired and plops down on the grass, he lies down next to her and keeps an eye on her.

She spends a lot of time rolling in the mulch and getting Rocky's dog drool all over her, so she's going to need bathing fairly often. What do you recommend to bathe her with? I want to be sure whatever I use is mild enough. I considered baby shampoo, but wanted to find out what you normally use.

She barked for the first time yesterday! The huge German Shepherd next door barked at her through the fence, and she stood up and barked back. Apparently she surprised herself, because she then ran right around and hid behind my legs. She also surprised the German Shepherd (who is a big pushover anyway) and he ran all the way over on the other side of his yard! I'll send more photos soon.